by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy

Uber: Boston Illustrated Map

Uber commissioned me to work on a fun illustrated map campaign. Featuring me as the artist for the Boston location. There were about ten cities around the United States that were selected, each with a local artist to represent the city.


Uber Illustrated Maps - Boston

Uber asked me to be a part of their illustrated map project. Illustrated across the country were chosen to collaborate with the team at Uber and represent their home city as an illustrated map.

Detailing 10 prominent landmarks (and some extras by choice) I was inspired by a lot of old maps I'd see in Maine at the beach or some of the more colonial feeling maps around Boston when I was younger on day trips.

Printed around 18x17", these were used as promotional collectable giveaways to customers of Uber in each city. 

Notable locations include Fenway, Harvard Square, USS Constitution, MFA, Prudential Center, Newbury street, Boston Aquarium, Castle Island, Faneuil Hall, and more.




Process & Sketches

Designing for print but working heavily digitally can be a bit of an ugly situation of tunnel vision. For this project, it was fun breaking out a bit and printing sketches nice and big and hanging em up on the wall so I could get a better sense of visibility, how large things should be, where the eye may go on first visual contact, etc. For the first time in a while, I was sketching the composition out pinned up against the wall, drawing with my shoulder like a proper painter!

I wanted to take these iconic buildings and landmarks and abstract them as much as I could. I believe thousands of people have drawn Fenway Park, I didn't need to be the next to draw exactly what I saw. I was happy with the level of abstraction, without it feeling too much like an icon that a lot of the areas have.