by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy


I'm an illustrator and graphic designer with a computer science degree which gives me a very unique and powerful perspective in the design world.

Photography Credit Zack Carroll

Photography Credit Zack Carroll

About BoneHaüs

BoneHaüs is the commercial freelance creative studio of Kirk Wallace and his paraphysical manifestation, Skülly.

Specializing in the world of illustration fused with graphic design among thousands of other ingredients, there's always a strong focus on strategic solutions executed in an unexpected, unique, and exciting way.

I've had the fortune to work with a wide range of clients from boutique small businesses diligently over the course of months, to large ad agencies and corporations on tight deadlines. Each project a success, pleasure, and privilege.

8 years to date; 3 as a creative director helping scale a startup from 4 employees to 20+ and 5 years a freelancer. The last 3 fully independent. BFA in Computer Science and later an MFA in Illustration. All baked in 20 years of skateboarding to discipline the chaos.

Capabilities Not Limited To…

  • Character Design

  • Animation & Motion

  • Art Direction

  • Packaging

  • Teamwork

  • Icon Design

  • Product Illustration

  • Social Media

  • Lettering

  • Strategy

Character Design.

From quick sticker packs and little avatars to full blown mascots fabricated into costume or brand representing ambassadors, I'm always thrilled to bring a figure to life. Often a character is a wonderful asset to a brand. It's often argued that a mascot can be more recognizable than a primary logomark (think Tony the Tiger). Other times it can be the logo (Pringles). Barbie, Kool-Aid Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, etc etc are all wonderful examples of timeless and invaluable character design.

The Studio

I work out of a studio space in Massachusetts with my friend and sound designer Jeff Guerra and graphic designer Adam Danielson. We're in a lofty old paper mill along with a bunch of other artists in a network of studios. We’ve created the space from a blank canvas designing an environment perfect for our needs.

The BoneHaüs studio name is inspired by Bauhaus, the German school of design that gathered artists of varying disciplines, and reinforces the opportunities I have, to create temporary teams when necessary of talented friends and bring them under the roof of BoneHaüs. 

The studios capabilities benefit far and wide, with the perks of working with a solo freelance illustrator.

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99u / Adobe Creative Live / Creative Bloq / DesignTaxi / Creative Mornings / Adobe Creative Jam / Behance / ARTCRANK Boston / Fubiz / Print Express / WIRED Magazine / 365 Awesome Designers / Visual News / Abduzeedo / Go Media

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The portfolio site hosts a heavy dose of case studies, sketches, and insight to my projects, which serves my constant stride toward transparency.

I hope it may be helpful for fellow artists, insightful for art directors, or a great way to stay vulnerable and show my teeth. Please feel free to reach out however you'd like to chat, whether it be work related or personal.