by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy
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I'm an illustrator and graphic designer with a computer science degree which gives me a very unique and powerful perspective in the design world.

 Kirk Wallace Self Portrait Illustration

About BoneHaüs

Bonehaüs is the commercial freelance studio of northeast-located, cartoon-watching, skateboard-riding, Long-winded illustrator, designer, and animator Kirk! Wallace and his creative (imaginary?) partner skülly.

Working with BoneHaüs relies on the fundamental idea that by taking on projects we love passionately, with close knit teams of people, friends, honesty, detail, and personality; we can succeed together -- and have a blast doing so.

Started under the moniker trzøwn in 2010, the studio has made a recent change of name to Bonehaüs to better identify with the truly collaborative nature of working with Kirk. While BoneHaüs is the home of a solo freelancer for hire, the network of talented friends expands the home’s ability to work on projects of just about any size.

Kirk's undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and his MFA in Illustration combine into a logical, concise, organized and speedy approach that is applied and then contrasted by creative partner, Sküllboy. This lanky skeleton counterpart works with Kirk harmoniously to balance all that logic and organization with the creative, wonked-out, energetic side of Bonehaüs. Think Calvin and Hobbes but one you can hire to make things and solve problems.

Through this near perfect balance, the two put their heads together and grind out some seriously custom and carefully cared for solutions and products that focus on illustrations with a fun, somewhat wacky, and always appropriate style.


The Studio

I work out of a studio space in Massachusetts with my friend and sound designer Jeff Guerra of Bushwack. We're in a lofty old paper mill along with a bunch of other artists in a network of studios. We’ve created the space from a blank canvas designing an environment perfect for our needs.

The BoneHaüs studio name is inspired by Bauhaus, the German school of design that gathered artists of varying disciplines, and reinforces the opportunities I have, to create temporary teams of talented friends and bring them under the roof of BoneHaüs. Inspired by (reappropriating) the early 20th century school, I'm truly grateful of the position I have to create artwork with friends for a wide range of clients as well as personal satisfaction.

This said, the capabilities spread far and wide, with all of the benefits of working with a solo freelance illustrator.



The portfolio site hosts a heavy dose of case studies, sketches, and insight to my projects, which serves my constant stride toward transparency. I hope it may be helpful for fellow artists, insight for art directors, or a great way to stay vulnerable and show my teeth. Please feel free to reach out however you'd like to chat, whether it be work related or personal.

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 Photography by @MonicaJustesen

Photography by @MonicaJustesen


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Illustration / Animation / Creative Direction / Advertising Campaigns / Mascots / Brand Illustration / Character Design / Children's Books / Book Covers / Stickers / Gig & Event Posters / Product Illustration / Package Design / Onboarding Graphics / Iconography

Anything you see in my portfolio, and most likely a ton more.