by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy


A myriad of personal art prints for sale to hang up on your wall, made by myself, Kirk Wallace. Plenty more to come so stay tuned an keep checking back!

SküllBoy Soft Enamel Pin skullboy-bonehaus-pin-card.jpg

SküllBoy Soft Enamel Pin

Minimal Space Grid trzown-space-print-mjp-02-1.jpg

Minimal Space Grid

from 25.00
Minimal Essentials of Metroid trzown-metroid-print-monica-justesen-03-1.jpg

Minimal Essentials of Metroid

from 30.00
Minimal Essentials of Zelda zelda-minimal-poster-detail-3.jpg

Minimal Essentials of Zelda

from 30.00
Flowers Monica.Justesen.Photography.Creative.Photographer.Massachusetts.02.jpg


from 25.00
Messenger Biker trzown-bike-mjp-photo.jpg

Messenger Biker

from 30.00
Baymax Big Hero 6 Fanart trzown-baymax-print-monica-justesen-02-1.jpg

Baymax Big Hero 6 Fanart

from 20.00
Skullboy skully-featured.jpg


from 30.00
Pizza Ingredients pizza-illustrated-ingredients-3.jpg

Pizza Ingredients

San Francisco  - Minimal City Print san-francisco-minimal-city-featured2.jpg

San Francisco - Minimal City Print

from 25.00
New York City - Minimal City Print new-york-minimal-city-featured.jpg

New York City - Minimal City Print

from 25.00
Boston - Minimal City Print boston-minimal-city-featured2.jpg

Boston - Minimal City Print

from 23.00
Seattle - Minimal City Print trzown-seattle-minimal-print-monica-justesen-01-1.jpg

Seattle - Minimal City Print

from 25.00
retro-food.jpg retro-food-detail-2.jpg

Mid Century Kitchen

from 25.00
Zelda Master Sword zelda-master-sword-art-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Master Sword

from 30.00
Zelda Bow of Light zelda-bow-of-light-illustration-print-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Bow of Light

from 30.00
Zelda Gold Gauntlets zelda-gold-gauntlets-print-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Gold Gauntlets

from 30.00
Cloud's Big Buster Sword big-buster-print-1.jpg

Cloud's Big Buster Sword

from 30.00
Space Monkey space-monkey-print-detail-1.jpg

Space Monkey

from 30.00
Sticker Pack of 5 [Your Choice] trzown-stickers-photo-5.jpg

Sticker Pack of 5 [Your Choice]

ARTCRANK - Boston - 2014 artcrank-kirk-print-2.jpg

ARTCRANK - Boston - 2014

30.00 50.00
IMG_3575_1.jpg IMG_3539_1.jpg

Retro Phone Screenprint

Photoshop Dry Brushes [Free] dry-brushes-cheat.jpg

Photoshop Dry Brushes [Free]

trzown's Dry Brushes for Illustrator dry-brushes-vector-2.jpg

trzown's Dry Brushes for Illustrator

Vector Scatter Brushes vector-scatter-2x3-4.png

Vector Scatter Brushes

Vector Pen Brushes preview-2-2x3.png

Vector Pen Brushes