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A myriad of personal art prints for sale to hang up on your wall, made by myself, Kirk Wallace. Plenty more to come so stay tuned an keep checking back!


Photoshop Dry Brushes [Free]

Photoshop Dry Brushes [Free]


Dry brush strokes that I created at home with some ink and have used in a lot of my illustration projects. Great for rough dry harsh textures like i use in my fruit prints.

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These are Photoshop brushes and are unique to other brushes because they have some dynamics to them that allow for clicking and dragging or painting, however you like to think of it. You can span larger areas without getting that ugly repeated look

These are very high quality brushes and are around 800px in size on average. Included is

  • .abr file (double click to load into photoshop or put in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2014/Presets/brushes
  • Some example usage

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