by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy

Wagepoint Icons


Wagepoint Iconography

Being the Creative Director at Wagepoint, I find myself looking to design myself out of extra work just as a good programmer so often does the same.

With our most recent website redesign and general brand refresh I tried to come up with a simple but unique and effective scheme for illustration and iconography.

Because of the nature of a start up and being the primary (err only) creative on the team, there are a million things to do at break neck speeds. Having a design pattern for things like illustration and icons, as well as other things like UX/UI, web, etc really helps my stay away from redundant work.

Below is a selection of favorite icons created so far for various uses.