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Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
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Vector Scatter Brushes

These are dry Photoshop brushes. Unique to other brushes because they have some dynamics to them that allow for clicking and dragging or painting. You can span larger areas without getting that ugly repeated look.

Free Illustrator Scatter Brushes

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Dry scatter brushes that I created at home with some ink and have used in a lot of my illustration projects. Great for rough dry harsh textures like i use in my fruit prints.

The reason I use vector brushes often is for large scale prints that I still want to have a gritty raster feel to them. In general I'll use these as a base and then add some raster on top in photoshop.

They are totally vector and in this package I'll include .ai files that have

  • The brushes that are easily applied to strokes (cc,cs6,cs5)

  • Some example usage

  • All the brushes as straight vector shapes too so you can copy/paste them into photoshop as well.

These are pay what you want, free is fine. If you want to follow me on twitter or dribbble in payment that works too.

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