by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy


A myriad of personal art prints for sale to hang up on your wall, made by myself, Kirk Wallace. Plenty more to come so stay tuned an keep checking back!

Minimal Essentials of Metroid trzown-metroid-print-monica-justesen-03-1.jpg

Minimal Essentials of Metroid

from 30.00
Minimal Essentials of Zelda zelda-minimal-poster-detail-3.jpg

Minimal Essentials of Zelda

from 30.00
Baymax Big Hero 6 Fanart trzown-baymax-print-monica-justesen-02-1.jpg

Baymax Big Hero 6 Fanart

from 20.00
Zelda Master Sword zelda-master-sword-art-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Master Sword

from 30.00
Zelda Bow of Light zelda-bow-of-light-illustration-print-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Bow of Light

from 30.00
Zelda Gold Gauntlets zelda-gold-gauntlets-print-detail-1.jpg

Zelda Gold Gauntlets

from 30.00
Cloud's Big Buster Sword big-buster-print-1.jpg

Cloud's Big Buster Sword

from 30.00