by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Cmrcl. Illustration / Design studio of Kirk! Wallace & Sküllboy


As an illustrator and graphic designer, I'm able to do what I love for a living. That doesn't mean I'm content, satisfied, or even happy with a lot of what I do. I am creating this blog to share some insight that hopefully both you and I can learn from about my experiences in the world of designing for a financial and emotional living.

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Predicting My Prints

I'm opening an online shop where I'll be forcing cute prints of animals and fruits down your throats in about a week after having the idea and desire for years. The goal has naturally changed drastically over the years, but the basic idea is the same.

Here’s how I sped things up without losing that blood sweat and tears magic touch. Who knows how it’ll work, but I wanted to document prior to starting, to help keep focus on what went right and wrong and how to improve.

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Inspired Week 1

More often than I ever expected, I'm asked what inspires me and my style. I've decided to add another routine blog category called 'Inspired'. Hopefully this will serve both the resource-ers (you, me) and resource-ees (the people that I will credit and link to) to help keep freshly inspired and discovered. I've got some books I'm reading, illustrators I'm stalking, prints I'm buying. Check it out!

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