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Kirk Wallace, BoneHaüs | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
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As an illustrator and graphic designer, I'm able to do what I love for a living. That doesn't mean I'm content, satisfied, or even happy with a lot of what I do. I am creating this blog to share some insight that hopefully both you and I can learn from about my experiences in the world of designing for a financial and emotional living.

Inspired Week 2

Lots of cool stuff going on the past few weeks leaving me wishing I was at least ten thousand times better at what I do. Last time I did this, some people seemed to pick up on some stuff they hadn't seen which is great! Hope that can continue!

X-Men: The Animated Series (1994)


In prep for Day of Future Past, I've been re watching the X-Men cartoon of the 90's. Nothing new to me, but certainly in a new perspective as I haven't seen in a handful of years. The X-Men in general are super inspiring from a story and ethical point of view, but the artwork in the cartoon, and comics, the design of it all, and a whole damn world created. You can really consider each main mutant (X-Men or otherwise) as a design that can be broken down to unique fundamentals and represented in one quick figure, color combination, power, etc. Of course this takes years to create and master, but I really hope I can someday contribute just a bit to a world of my own.

Grant Morrison's New X-Men: Omnibus


Oh man. The Holy Grail. Years ago my brother bought me the first book of New X-Men and I did certainly enjoy it, but that was almost.. 10 years ago now. My appreciation for story telling, artwork, and a well designed book has easily quintupled. With artwork done by my favorite Frank Quitely, this things a powerhouse. Sure I can't keep it on my lap for more than 10 minutes without losing feeling in my toes (its about 10 pounds) but it's definitely a library of inspiration.


Photo cred Monica Justesen

Photo cred Monica Justesen

Past few months I've been back at it, seeing the sun, getting outside, and playing on (and eating) concrete. Summer's here and I think it inspires us more than we know. Just moving around freely on a skateboard, seeing how much more there is to do with your body than you expect.. everything, it really takes you home at night after a long day of skating with a new drive of motivation.

Keith Haring x Habitat Skateboards

Alright so the boards too small. I normally ride an 8-5/8" but this is 8-1/4" but damn is it beautiful. Nice to see more collaborating on in skateboarding. Not that it's never been done before, because it has. Skateboarding and art have gone hand in hand since day one, but this line of boards really seems premium, from an all over vinyl print on the top of the board, and the beautiful and powerful illustration work on the bottom as always from Keith Haring, these boards are a work of art in themselves and remind you that we can print on more than just paper and web. 

Home Movies

Home Movies by Adult Swim

Home Movies by Adult Swim

Here's some very cool background art that any cartoon modern fan can appreciate. Props to Brenden Small for creating a cartoon with bare minimum production value. Despite it's somewhat.. unsightly animation, the show does an awesome job with this sort of retroscripted style full of stumbles and mistakes making it a real cartoon. Showing polished isn't always the best. Something you can laugh at, identify with, and enjoy. Not to mention the artwork is totally abstract and fucked. Right up my ally!

Mary Blair


I've just finished 'The Art and Flair of Mary Blair' The past week and while I can't say it's blown my mind in any way. But her story is interesting. It's always cool to remember that a lot of what I'm inspired by is real, traditional painting with dry gouache brushes. These are the styles I try to mimic with my stuff and it's important to remember where and why they came about. Reading her story has certainly reminded me that success can come at anytime in your life and there are SO many project out there ready to be tackled more than just editorial illustrations.

Available at Tommy Perez Design's shop

Available at Tommy Perez Design's shop

Tommy Perez

This dude's the paper kraft king. I don't know if there's anyone around that I like more. Then again, I don't really know much about krafts but this dude kills it. He brings a graphic design background into these 3d objects that you can now build on your own for 20 bucks. I got this killer screen printed 3D poster of Shredder (printed by Mama's Sauce). Thanks for making something unique I can hang on my wall and take down and spin and turn every so often. Now you gotta do something that can hang from a string in the middle of room, homie!

Ikea's minimal & clever approach


I try to live my life simply in a lot of ways. Yes, definitely my geeky background clashes with that. I have complex scripts running on my computer, absurd organization going on all over the house, super duper picky and specific rituals I do each day, but I also try very hard to live simple in many many ways. I ditched my big giant sectional couch for something from Ikea in it's place. The design of this is what's made my life easier. Compartments for storage, easy to turn into a bed, lower profile, easier to clean, etc. Everything about this choice has made my life easier. Let's remember if something's bothering us, we get rid of it or fix it. The biggest loser is someone who sits there and wallows in their own problems.